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Yi Nationality's Feast for the Most Distinctive Guests - Tripe Wrapped Pork

滇西小哥 Dianxi Xiaoge 14,531,035 views

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Stuff pork inside pork tripes for storage is one of the wits of our ancestors! Stuffed Pork Tripe, Pork Egg or Wrapped Preserved Pork all refer to this delicacy. A tripe can wrap around 15 kg of pork. The making of one such tripe takes much time. Besides, once cut open, it cannot be left to dry again. The longer it's been preserved, the tastier it will be. As a result, such a delicacy is only served for the most distinctive guests. Gradually, this tradition has passed down from generation to generation.

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#Dianxixiaoge, a local Yunnan girl.

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