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We were always meant to say goodbye. ✘ Thomas & Newt

LadyMagiccc 355,160 views

I would apologize for this ... but I feel I hurt myself way more than you while editing this. I was looking for a song to show their friendship forever, always obsessed with the idea that it needs to be a new one, a song nobody knows. But as soon as I let go of that idea I realised how perfect this song is for them. Just listen to the lyrics ♥

#fanvidfeed #newtmas #thomasandnewt #newtandthomas #thomas&newt #newt&thomas #wewerealwaysmeanttosaygoodbye #newtsdeath #pleasetommyplease #couldihavesavedhim

Fandom: TMR, TST, TDC
Music: http://xemcliphai.com/clip-hai-moi_s1FbZv...
Coloring: Jane'sXWonderland "september"
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 13



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