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MEVU MEDIA - TV Media Entertainment Channel - Under the group of entertainment channels of high quality of Vietnam Media channels, was born with attractive, novel and unique criteria of a true integrated entertainment channel, geared to audiences across the country, especially women's audience groups and young families. With a lot of broadcast hours studied and arranged logically according to the habit of watching daily TV, MEVU MEDIA channel - TV Media Entertainment channel not only serves audiences of excellent Vietnamese feature films, bomb dramas tons in the Asian region and also attractive and new entertainment programs such as: top SHOW GAME, unique reality TV shows, talk shows with the participation of famous characters Vietnam showbiz village.

➤ Gameshow For You Worthy is a Game Show for the Community. Program with the participation of famous artists, celebrities, ... that the reward will be used 100% for a beneficiary with circumstances, hard, difficult, extreme life miserable ... But they are the people who deserve support and help from the community ...

➤ Sitcom WOMEN'S NO.1 is a fun comedy on 11:05 from Monday to Friday on VTV3 daily. With the participation of actors: NSU Huong Huong, Thuy Quynh, Thanh Hoa, Thu Huyen, Hong Quan, Thanh Huong, Van Hugo, Du Thien ... # Phunulaso1, #SITCOM, # two2019, #PhimNgan, #PhimNganHay , #PhimHay, #PhimNganHayNhat, #Sitcom, #PhimSitcom, #ThongDiepCuocSong, # PhuNuLaSo1, #ViBanXungDang, #Clip, #ClipCamDong, #ClipHay, #GameShow, #NhacThieuNhi, #NhacChoBe, #NhacThieuNhiVuiNhon, #NhacThieuNhiSoiDong, # VBacDieuNhiSoiDong, # VBacDieuNhiSoiDong, #VNDBieu

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