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The Legend Of Drunken Master Market Place Fight and Yoshida Brothers - Kodo and Rising

Sundotdog 6,484,625 views

* Update on November 14, 2013 - 21,000+ Views
A very big Thank You to everyone who has viewed, liked and commented on this video -
You can Skip to the 0:59 mark for the fight.

* I do not own any of this content, Golden Harvest and Dimension Films and Domo Records, Inc this is just for fun and entertainment purposes only for everyone to enjoy.

Song #1 used is - 'Kodo (Hishou Version)' from the 2008 album Best Of Yoshida Brothers
Song #2 used is - 'Rising' from the 2008 album Best Of Yoshida Brothers

For those wanting to remember it again - here is the Original Video for reference ---}
http://xemcliphai.com/clip-hai-moi_s74OBu... (Great quality but English Dubbed)

Lastly, this is the next recent Legend Of Drunken Master mash-up Video that I made, enjoy - http://xemcliphai.com/clip-hai-moi_sN-UxIM...

The rest of the Description is coming soon, thanks for watching and have a nice day.


Video - Original Copyright belongs to Golden Harvest and Dimension Films
Audio - Original Copyright belongs to Domo Records, Inc

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