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Tâm Sự Tuổi 30 - OST Ông Ngoại Tuổi 30 | Nguyễn Phi Thuận

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Confidences at the age 30 - OST Scandal Makers | [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]
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Author: Trịnh Thăng Bình - Chí Tâm
After a long cherished end, the cast of Mr. Gentleman Age 30 Vietnamese version under the direction of director Vo Thanh Hoa was officially revealed. Scandal Makers is a Korean movie popular with Vietnamese audiences, launched in 2008 and then became the highest grossing film in the country at that time. The trio takes the lead role of the Vietnamese version is the singer Trinh Thang Binh, "Peach Garden Hot Girl" Kieu Trinh or also known as Kieu Trinh Xíu and baby Coca Hoang Gia Bao. In addition, the Vietnamization script will be undertaken by Huynh Lap.
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Confessions at the age of 30 Ly
I have gone one-third of my life
But why is my heart still alone?
Many times I want to rest my legs
Cause I'm picky or you're picky, baby
I want to tell you a lot of things
but I afraid how much you will understand my heart
Regarding memories and love stories
but generally...
I fall in and love you so much!

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