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How People Eat Hotpot

Wah!Banana 427,760 views

Do people have Hotpot for breakfast in Sichuan?

Written by:
Lingyi Xiong @Blingyi
Jason Hau @jasonkokotan
Chrysan Lee @Chrysanlee

Filmed and edited by:
Jason Hau @jasonkokotan

Produced by:
Lingyi @Blingyi
Hannah @Hannahloveleee

Terence Then @TerenceThen
Audrey Goh @sparrowonweed
Chrysan Lee @ChrysanLee
Jai Kishan @j.jaikishan
Benzo @thisisbenzo
Keiji @Umeandhara
Priscilla @Prexixi
Obama @yetijunior
Sofia @SofiaDendroff

Outro Song by MMXJ - www.youtube.com/mmxjofficial

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