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Giant Tuna Cutting Show Sashimi / Korean street food/ 거대한 참치 해체쇼 참치회

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Kim's Maguro Tuna Cutting Show Sashimi

Price - 100g
Belly meat 33,000KRW
Middle Belly meat 20,000KRW
Back meat 15,000KRW

There is a place where you can see the cut of a large
tuna that weighs around 250 kilograms include head.
Kim's Makuro, located in Noryangjin Market in Seoul.
You can see a raw tuna cutting show and eat them!
It's fun to see the knifing skills of talented chefs.

Location (http://goo.gl/maps/Z3HiYKnNMHGuYcf4A)

Thank u for watching it. Be happy and good luck 'u'

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