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FAPtv Elder: Episode 118 - Construction Drops

FAP TV 17,420,576 views

Huynh Phuong good academic reasons but failing, and ignorant Vinh and Thai school dropping back competition .... ???
"Learning at FPT Polytechnic College
Pole standard training lacks nothing
2 years 4 months to do work
Businesses welcome, not fear. "

- Sign up to learn about the school: http://goo.gl/mM4V9b
- Link website: http://caodang.fpt.edu.vn/
►Dao Forum: Tran Duc Vien
►Pho director: Quan Hong Chen
► Cast: Vinh Facial, Thai Vu Huynh Phuong, Ribi Sachi, Kim Suri, National School, Gia Lam, FAP Team.
► Scripts: FAP Team
► Cinematographer: Germany Telecommunications, Duy Phong, Thanh Vo
► Show Where: National School, Hao Wong, Phuong Bao Hoa Vu Quoc Thanh, Tran Lam, Lam Ka, United Shutters, Hao Sang, Khanh Huy
► Late period: Germany Telecommunications, the National Bar, Diamond
► Make Up: Ho Dao
► ad LH: 090 205 6502
► mail: [email protected]

the director:
► Tran Duc Vien: http://facebook.com/viengalac
► Thai Vu http://www.facebook.com/FAPtv.ThaiVu
► Vinh Facial http://www.facebook.com/VinhRau.FAP
► Huynh Phuong http://www.facebook.com/HuynhPhuongF...
► Ribi Sachi http://www.facebook.com/ribisachi
► Kim Suri: http://www.facebook.com/pe.kim.bt
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