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Breakups - Real Talk Episode 17 (ft. Harvinth Skin)


From texting a simple breakup text to devising an elaborate plot, is there even a good way to end things with someone? On this episode, the cast share their juicy breakup stories and how they handled being the dumper and the dumpee.

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Special Guest
Harvinth Skin - http://instagram.com/harvinthskin

John - http://www.instagram.com/johnathanchua
Dew - http://www.instagram.com/dewdropzz
Jade - http://www.instagram.com/djjaderasif
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= Behind the Cam =
Producer - Andrew Lee
Editor - Raymond Deoferio
Cameras - Raymond Deoferio, Andrew Lee, Priscilla Lee
Set Design and Lighting - Daniel Kuan

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