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5-year-old Kid Takes The MRT Alone | On The Red Dot | CNA Insider

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While helicopter parenting may be resulting from Singapore families choosing to have fewer kids, mum Serena Ong and dad Kai Keong are challenging their 5-year-old son, Nathanael, to be more independent. He is tasked to take his dad’s laptop from their home in Simei to dad’s office in Marina One all by himself.

#OnTheRedDot’s new series “Old Enough!” is adapted from the popular long-running series from Japan’s Nippon Television Network Corporation (Nippon TV) and showcases 9 determined preschoolers overcoming their fears and running errands on their own for the very first time.

Watch the full episode here: http://cna.asia/2MAnaL6

Producers of the series answer viewers' questions: http://xemcliphai.com/P2mmNZJPJPA


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